January 24th, 2009

Japanese Credit Card EPIC SCREW UP

So, I finally went to pay for a washer-dryer combo to replace the small washer I have now, especially since there will be more clothes to wash come this summer.

I hand over my card, yay...then there is a mad scramble behind the counter. After much commotion, I get a receipt to sign and was told everything was "fine".

30 minutes later I got a call from the credit card company security office in Osaka saying to call back immediately.

Of course, I didn't notice this until a few hours later.

Me : "Hi, I was told to call you back, my name is..."
Them : "Oh Hi! Are you (me)"
Me : "That would be me"
(a bunch of security checks here)
Them : "Oh, we cancelled your card because of a violation of security" (said by a woman whose voice got higher and higher pitched as the sentence went on)
Me : "Excuse me!?!?"
Them : "I'm so sorry"
Me : "What made you judge something wrong had happened?"
Them : "Did you make a purchase for xxxxxx yen at Yodobashi today?"
Me : "I did, actually. Washer/Dryer"
Them : "Oh. Did you pay for a flight through JTB travel for just over 100,000 yen?"
Me : "No...no, I'm positive I didn't"
Them : "I'll call you right back"

(5 minutes pass)

Them : "Oh, I'm sorry, I was looking at someone else's records. Your card will be reactivated by tomorrow"
Me : "Haaaa?!?? What about my purchase today?"
Them : "Oh, we called them up and said everything was okay"
Me : "I see, well,"
*click* <- they hung up on me

I called Yodobashi to confirm my order, and yes, it still looks fine. Stupid SMBC... For bank accounts, great! For loans, great! For credit cards?... *sobs*

Yeah, first Mizuho (Saizon) and now SMBC. Just <3 those credit card companies.