February 24th, 2009


Well, it happened this morning, actually.
Anyone in Japan for any length of time knows that trains/subways get held up once in a while.

They call this "Jinshin Jiko" (human accident) in some cases

Basically, it means someone threw themselves in front of one of these beasts.

So yeah, I had the pleasure (?) to see one today at Chikatetsu Narimasu. At the very end, though, so it was more a hard thud than a SPLAT, but it had a similar outcome. Just stuck around while the loud buzzer sounded, and the police/station staff made their way through to sum up the chaos. Answered some questions about what I saw (nothing unusual, guy in a suit just casually jumped in front of a subway car), and took an alternate route to work after all that.

Hasn't left me phased or anything (should it?), but it was a bit...surreal. That is all.