April 19th, 2009

Parenting Class and Stimulus Monies

Two big things this weekend:

1. Parenting Class...happened. It was the pre mother/father class and covered things like

* Understanding what the mother is going through (kind of) by means of a huge 'pregnancy simulator' vest thing. All things considered, I believe the simulator was based at 9-months, because it is significantly more huge than my wife of less than that
* Holding a (real) baby courtesy of 2 couples that had been in this class last fall
* Bathing and changing a (platic) baby
* Some instructional video showing that the baby can full well hear what is going on in the outside world, and for the father to take the chance to 'talk' to the soon-to-be child
* Planning on what is really needed for the hospital stay, and what the baby will need for when it is born

My wife and I also priced out what this all would cost in the end and...well, it isn't nearly as costly as I thought it might be, but just wait until after he is born. Apart from diapers and food/utility costs, nursery school and education costs will come back to bite me later. I had already worked in a Nursery school before, so I have some experience with kids, but it is nice that the town office provides these services.

2. Letter from the town office.

It finally came. If I get this all in now I can have the 12,000 yen... in September
One note for all that are getting it, do *NOT* check the box next to your name in the form. That means "I do not wish to receive the stimulus). What that is even there is beyond me. Refuse to accept money? From the government? Maybe this is just something goofy with my city?