June 2nd, 2009

World Game Circus (+ Bday to me)

So, on my birthday and all, I got a chance to go to Oyama on the Tobu line to see the privately owned game center "World Game Circus". They have a collection of foreign games there...quasi legal to even be in Japan, but *shhh* don't tell anyone. They had a collection of "Pump it Up" games (NX2 and PRO), "In The Groove 2" looks to be an upgrade cabinet hooked directly to a PC, EZ2DJ (a few of them), and 3 "DJMax Technika". Those were quite awesome. You play those by touching the beats on the screen as they scroll by (in two layers, each moving in opposite directions).

Apologies for the quality; it isn't easy trying to sneak some photos in a place the size of a 1 room apartment with 5 people in there.

more pics after the cutCollapse )