June 25th, 2009

4 Things

1. I have a shiny new gaijin card now (gaijin card #4). It has very little information on it, which is fine with me. My name in Kanji, Permanent resident, and "Stay valid until ****/**/**" Whenever it is the year **** I'll have to renew, I guess.

2. The air conditioner was installed today. The guy took two hours because he had to also drill a hole in the wall. At least summer will be tolerable for the Mrs. and the little one (the fan alone just didn't cut it)

3. I can solve a Rubik's cube in a time that would not be cutoff by youtube's 10min limit. If I can manage less than half that time reasonably consistantly, I'll post a boring video of it.

4. Recorded a video for taren_ of me logging into the DDRX machine. There are problems with the Betson cabinet used in the USA (more than a few actually) and I remember you wanted to see how the .jp system worked so you could use it as a reference to get the US machines working with edit data. Also got to confirm my (for the moment) world record on a song (only because it was one from a previous mix noone plays anymore), but still, that was nice (not that interesting, but if anyone *really* wants to see it, just head to my youtube channel (archmiel)). Anyways, Taren, in case you don't see them in the DDRX thread first: