July 1st, 2009

First official day of beeing NEET

(N)ot in (E)mployment, (E)ducation or (T)raining

in other words, unemployed scum (my official contract ended yesterday, but I have been essentially out of work for a couple weeks now)

* Went to Hello Work (recuitment office). 3 hour wait to see any staff over job applications, terminal use (for searching for new jobs) limited to 30 minutes. Incredible numbers of unemployed crowd the place to the point it reminds me of the old morning trains to work.
* Went to the orientation seminar (a.k.a. You all suck demotivational speech).
* I can still carry over my company health insurance for up to 2 years...half the price of national health (health insurance is mandatory in Japan; I can't get around it)
* Pension payments are now cheap and up to date
* Residents Tax is going to gouge me like you wouldn't believe...and in one lump sum bill from the government for the equivalent of thousands of dollars.
* Registered at two recruiters. One of which dropped me because "they don't see any fitting matches for me now or anytime soon"
* I am almost convinced that the entire job market is frozen, and I should take absolutely anything I can get, no matter how crappy the pay and conditions (and I have seen some crappy positions advertised *shudder*)
* Translators and Interpreters (as far as I can see) are so *not* in demand that the average posted position pays 120K~150K a month
* IT isn't much better, at 200K~250K a month in many cases, and requires long hours of overtime to boot.
* Applied for my 200th job position today though (temp worker doing English/Japanese bilingual tech support)

Erm, if anyone out there knows of *any* job in Tokyo or around that area, I'm starting to get so desperate I'll consider anything.