July 5th, 2009

One day job

Well, the Hello Work papers I need to finalize my unemployment insurance/payments came today, though I can't do anything with it until Monday.

Also, in the meantime, Akudaikan (old DDR friend, also in that photo some number of posts back (at Tokyo Leisure Land)) has some photography work for me to do. It should only take a few hours (photo post-processing from what I understand; he'll tell me more on Monday), but every bit of money helps these days.

I have still been mailing and phoning like mad to try and find something job-wise, but this market is completely dead right now. Even Gaba isn't hiring right now. Guess there are no more safe havens for foreigners. That being said, I do qualify for those one day jobs (like Mobaito) where you call one day and may get a job the next day for a few hours either handing out tissues or dropping flyers in people's mailboxes or doing some cell phone advertisement on the street for Docomo or such.

Mind you, I do find the "TV Drama extra" temp work intriguing. I just have to be careful not to earn over xxx yen a month lest my unemployment be cancelled (unemployment is 70% of your last salary). Of course, if I am still unemployed after 3 months, I could take anything because all government support is cut off at that point.

Also, my son is just about due. Only a matter of weeks now.