August 18th, 2009

Job interview updates

Well, seems the last place I went to said I wasn't obsessive compulsive enough to work as a tech there...oh well. The president did seem to like me and gave me a skill checksheet to fill out so he could help place me somewhere (maybe). Honestly, do people still rely on Windows 3.11 in this day and age? OS/2 Warp?

Other than that, the baby is healthy and getting bigger. I try to update the picasaweb photo gallery once in a while. Some of the relatives came to see him recently, too.

Also, I can't seem to break higher than the #2 spot on one of the DDR internet ranking courses. Machine says I burned 1600kcal in one day trying, though (accuracy may vary wildly)

Yay, Career Fair

This Saturday.

Hopefully they can help. Nothing else has been working for me so far. If I am still unemployed when unemployment runs out in a few months, I can afford to just take any job to try and make ends meet, but right now, unemployment pays more than minimum wage (or anything I could get in the service industry), so I can't risk losing it all when I have no job prospects on the horizon anyways.