August 19th, 2009

Met up with Take today

(Warning: DDR player stuffs)

Take and Yasu were two brothers with whom we would do out All-perfect, or AAA, runs on various DDR songs over the years (read: almost all)

Anyways, I finally ran into him by complete accident after taking care of some health insurance forms and stopped for a rest in Akihabara (!) before heading home.

Seems he is doing well, works in IT (fearful for his job, thinks it might disappear), and lives on his own now. Can't say the same for his brother, though. He still does his gaming binges (I have seen a handful of DDR records by him), but not even his family knows where or when he leaves the house. I'm not fully sure if he still works at the convenience store or not anymore. Take hasn't really been into the whole DDR thing in the recent past, but he still plays, most notably IIDX very well. I believe his dj name is Sirius on eAmuse. Seems like he has taken care of himself, as he is still in the same physical shape as I remembered him.

Anyways, that's that.