August 22nd, 2009

So I went to the Job Fair Today...

...and found many companies and many people in suits.

Some of the big names were there (Microsoft, Oracle, Canon, JR East to name a few), but it seemed to be more about them advertising how great they were than actually showing interest in say...hiring anyone there asking about work.

The smaller companies showed promise, though I was quick to pick up on things like "We have only been around for 3 years and are still in startup-crunch mode, so we want someone that can work without break 7 days a week and can be on call when away"...erm... Still, there were 3 companies that took my resume package and contact information, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I filled out a giant form and entered one of the Tokyo Dome auditorium halls where they provided a "scout" service for me. It was a bit of a joke, since the two they gave me were Canon (I already spoke to them that morning), and "Ikusu" (IKS?), whom told me upon approaching that "We don't hire foreigners". Prime material for Debito, I guess.

There were a few seminars throughout the day, but the only ones I remember were the "getting a new job" seminar which was targeted at the younger (under 35) crowd and punctuated the fact "the ones older than that are going to have a very hard time finding work, so be prepared for great difficulties", and the other was Microsoft, which wasn't "come work at Microsoft" as much as "Here is Windows 7! Make sure you buy it at the end of this year :D" ... yeah... they told a room full of people, many of whom out of work, to buy it. Aren't they targetting the wrong market?