August 28th, 2009

Two point five interviews

Well, I had planned on looking into continuing education (and did to a degree with the folks at Digital Hollywood), and then my phone rang

I got a call from a retirement home (Silver Life) I don't remember applying to, but they want me in for an interview on Monday.

2nd, FC-Trading wants to hire a bunch of general IT people for random things and wants me to fill out a lengthy skills sheet they have prepared which is total overkill, but I'll see what I can do. Good grief, they want *work/home phone numbers* of every staff I have ever worked together with on every project at every job...

3rd, I got a call from Robert Walters recruiting and they have a spot (possibly) on of the larger chain English schools, but not as an English teacher, as some back end network/systems/manager/all-in-one guy. I'll have to wait for him to get back to me on that, but the quoted salary (7M yen/year) was nice., if only I could get any of these jobs.