September 11th, 2009

Job Interviews Aplenty

What, did the whole country come back from vacation at once?

I have had a good number of interviews, good and bad (more the latter) recently, but I do have good feelings about one IT Manager position. I finished the first interview, and they invited me back for a 2nd (and then a 3rd will follow the next week if all goes well).

Hello Work has been pretty crappy lately. I handed in a stack of 7 "Let's see what they say" jobs for the staff to call and confirm whether or not I could apply, the position was still open, etc. 4 of them were outright "Sorry, we won't accept a foreigner", and 1 other said "We'll take your resume, but you probably won't get the job, being a foreigner and all". The other two said OK...they seem all right, I guess, but then again beggers can't be choosers, especially in this economy (which can't get much worse, to be honest). The biggest problem is that while the "unemployment" is lower compared to the U.S., there are a vast number of "underemployed" people. i.e. People working full time, but making such a terrible wage that they still can't afford the necessities of life.

...many of the Hello Work jobs seem that way at times.

The one place I had a group interview with last week contacted me to say they went with the "only candidate with realistic demands" for 150,000 yen/month, 30-40 hours a week overtime above the base 40. (If the company took the offer from the candidate at the interview as-is). To put it in perspective. I make more on unemployment than they pay that guy.