October 25th, 2009

Full and Odd Day

Well, after moving some servers and a *really* heavy NetApp to a client's data center (don't they usually pay big $$$ for another company to do that, and not have the employees break their backs?), I squeezed in a couple rounds of DDR to pick up my spirits, found a neat "Tower Cube" which is a 2x2x3. I still like my 7x7x7 the best, though. Afterwards, I took care of Takeshi all day while my wife rested.

Tomorrow is a meeting with the Mayor of Wako city. More to come on that. I'd better charge up my camera.

Chillin with the Mayor of Wako City

...because it can be useful to have friends in high places should I ever get in a real bind.

(It was a meeting about issues concerning foreigners living in Wako, what the city can do to make their lives better, etc. I pushed Mr. Matsumoto to extend child inoculations and medical costs up to Elementary school and he seemed to agree with it (fingers crossed))