January 28th, 2010

Officially the worst/most insane/best interview ever

I had a sudden call to do an interview with a company subcontracted by a telecommunications firm. I didn't know anything about the place until I actually got to the closest station and was led there with a group of 3 others.

*Warning sign #1*

We get to a building that is operating like an assembly line where 5 other people in suits are led out and then we are led in, told that the previous 5 were candidates and "they were all terrible";

*Warning sign #2*

We were told that if we passed the first interview, the 2nd would be at 1AM (serious) that night, and the company would pay us back our taxi fare. If that interview went well, there would be a 3rd Friday at 7PM, and if that went well, we would start Monday at 6AM sharp.

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