March 8th, 2010

Me staying in Japan is like New Coke...

...I'll be around forever.

(coming on 12 years ago since I first stepped foot here now)

Also, from the "Signs I am looking in the wrong job field" dept.:

So I was pointed to a "part time" English teaching gig for kids. Nothing too fancy I thought, some decent work possibly. I then did some math...

2700*23 = 62100 ... * 4 = 248400 or so a, most of the IT gigs I have been introduced to demand 2~3 times the hours and 2/3 the wage.

Yeah, nothing wrong with English teaching.

(though to be honest, raising my son is a full time job on its own so being unemployed right now still feels like working full time)

Warning to those using craigslist to look for IT jobs in Japan

They all are thinly veiled posts from this Foreigner recruitment agency (maybe more accurately outsourcing sweatshop and bodyshopper based on how it reads:)

I got back replies from the jobs I applied to and they all were the same thing about "we are actually a recruitment agency, mwahahaha" and "please fill out this attached skill sheet and answer the following questions:"

1. Nationality and birth date (in Passport)
2. Visa status and expiration
3. Length of time living in Japan (How long have you been in Japan?)
4. Present location (address) and the nearest station in Japan
5. Desired work location
6. Desired employment type (Full/Contract/Haken/Part-time)
7. Availability (When can you start working?)
8. Your language ability
9. Current & Desired monthly salary (including taxes, insurances, over time allowance and the transportation fee etc.)
10. Are you available for working overtime?
11. Do you agree to be registered as a Navix staff? (If you are registered as a Navix staff, we keep your personal data for the future need when you might need another help from us in the case of job searching.)(It is Free.)"

Nothing wrong if that is what you are looking for, be just be warned that you aren't contacting some HR staff directly at these company job postings