June 15th, 2010

Grate Brain Shift

So yeah, job search hasn't been going so well. Pretty awful, actually. Awful to the point I've exhausted all the unemployment the J-gov is going to give me ever, and a recruiter told me I was out of work so long I was unemployable. Yeah, pretty bad.

Anyways, I am applying for a bunch of part time jobs, at least until something in this God-forsaken market turns up for me. You know, the ones like service level, family restaurant, meant-for-high school kids jobs. It can't and won't pay the bills, but it will slow the rapid bleed of the last of the savings. I'm still pissed they don't pay you for giving blood in this country. Crime is looking like a mighty attractive option right now, actually.

I'm not homeless though...yet. Ask again in a month or two.