November 3rd, 2010

Oh dear. Something silly evolving to death threats

So it seems a video involving a few of my friends that caught a parent/child combo being idiots got onto mixi, then nico douga, then youtube and the J-internet and then Kotaku helped spread this around so much that there are actually death threats against not only the father in the video, but against NOB (the guy playing) as well?

Description from Akudaikan:
ACCIDENT!! The kid that plays planks constantly while somebody playing DDR and his father that lack of moral values

This happened while NOB playing in Odaiba on 10.17 evening.

0'04" The kid appeared nearby(on the right).
0'29" The kid appeared from right side again and played a prank on NOB.
0'51" His father acrossed in front of the camera on purpose(?).
0'56" The kid ran crossed between NOB and armrests from right side just because it's fun.
0'58" His brother also wanted to do that, but was stopped by the worker on the right(The worker noticed him it's dangerous).
1'19" The kids' parents were talking about something while approaching from the left.
1'34" The father acrossed the camera, shouted insult at the worker and started giving trouble.

Notice the left side in the end of the clip, it's obvious that this family just made trouble on purpose.
By the way, the photographer was forced to stop recording in order to conciliate.

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