January 10th, 2011

I've been really busy

Even though I'm making the bills (most of them), it is very tiring having to work 3 part time jobs to make ends meet.  Half the time I forget what planet I'm on.

I have had some time off this holiday (if you want to call it that), and have been catching up on sleep, writing, etc.

One thing I whipped up over the past two weeks was my own "History of the Japanese DDR community/scene".  It is now a 99 page monster of an essay with pics and all, but feel free to check it out if you have some hours to kill.

*warning* I'm not much of a writer:
http://aij.ddruk.com/JDDR.pdf  or  http://aaronin.jp/JDDR.pdf

Other than that, I've got really crappy eyesight, but people already knew that.  It kind of peaked in crappiness recently, but I am used to it, so no biggy.  (20/200 in left eye, 20/800 in right with correction, cornea thickness 475 and 480 respectively so I can't get Lasik to fix it, but "PRK" is possible, maybe)

My son is getting big and energetic and active and destructive, so yay.  Also, AIJ will be 12 years old this year, so yay.  I'll need to whip up some shirts or something on cafepress or whatever is hot right now.