seishinbyou (seishinbyou) wrote,

April first forum fun

la la la... la la la...

I won't share all of what I did until it is over, but I will share what didn't work:

* Embedding that Java NES player in the main forum page
* Sideways/Diagonally scrolling web backgrounds (Vertical was all I could get to work unless I used an animated gif as the background, and then file size is becoming a concern)
* Portal page to the forums. I had a clone of the facebook front end that didn't really do anything, but you would go to the forums when you tried to log in or register a new username. This caused other problems because the main forum index can't be anything other than index.php and coexist with that joke without some annoying coding I didn't have the patience or time to complete

But hey, despite the server feeling the load about now, occasional slowdown/connection error, it seems to be holding up.
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