seishinbyou (seishinbyou) wrote,

The Aftermath (What I did for Apr. 1)

Here is the brief list.

1. Changed the header image to "Deutsche Demokratische Republik Besessen". In German, it is known as the D.D.R., or the democratic party of Germany. Besessen means "obsession", I believe.

2. The news box on the main page scrolled "Their ways are many! They do not see the true way of democracy, until the holy Cheeseburger is filled with sauerkraut and veiner schnitzel!" (again, German). It also scrolled from right to left.

3. Scrolled the background image

4. Played one of 15 random MIDI files on each page load

5. The 15 MIDI files were all game music. The games were (sorry, my mind isn't working well enough this morning to recall the exact place where it was from in all cases):

1 - FF8 (Man with the Machine Gun)
2 - Warcraft 2 (One of the ingame bg themes)
3 - Castlevania SOTN (Dance of Pales?)
4 - Dr. Mario ('Chill'?)
5 - Act Raiser (FillMore stage?)
6 - Wing Commander 3 (final mission)
7 - Lemmings (level 3? on Fun difficulty)
8 - Golden Sun 1 (and 2?) Battle Music
9 - Warcraft 2 (One of the ingame bg themes)
10 - Secret of Monkey Island (LeChuck's Theme)
11 - OutRun (Magical Sound Shower)
12 - Maxx Unlimited (Jazz/Swing mix)
13 - Tetris (Gameboy) - Theme A
14 - Secret of Monkey Island (Main Theme)
15 - Katamari Damashii (Lonely Rolling Star)

6. The Following Word Filters (not very readable in lj, sorry):

<3 goatse
AAA grand fail with a huge sausage up my ass
Aaron our lord
AIJ this cornucopia of anal delights
annoying amazing
ass ass-pirate
awesome terrible
cock tongue
DDR sperm donor
dick ear
faggot dishwasher
FUCK Thank
gay glorious
German Italian
Groove Pants
Happy Birthday Get off your ass
ITG Bubble Bobble
jsb E.F.L.K. Starman Deluxe
picture video
post enema
quad octupled
the My
Thread are stupid
Tournament Masturbation
what who

7. I switched two smilie images. :aaa became a picture of the VISA credit card , and :birthday became :asshat

8. All of the buttons on the SubBlack theme with English were rotated 180 degrees.

9. Users were forced to use SubBlack if they used another theme (only a handful do iirc)

10. Made a new forum "I Wanna be the MOD!" where anonymous posting and editing of other users' posts could be done.

11. Rank images for general users were replaced with Cell Phone signal strength icons.
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