seishinbyou (seishinbyou) wrote,

Next 2 Dinner Meetups (Tokyo Gettogether AHOY!) 7/17~18

Okay, two dinner dates. This is getting down to the wire, so I'll post in hopes anyone with interest sees it. I can't be sure I'll go to both; maybe just the Saturday one.

Date : July 17, 2009
Time : 9PM
Where : 若狭家 (Wakasa-ka), Akihabara. Map below:
What : Delicious Toro Negi-don, other seafood (there is karbi-don and other stuff for those that don't want fish)
Cost : 1000 yen or so

Date : July 18, 2009
Time : 7PM
Where : Ikebukuro Sunshine City Namja Town ( )
What : Gyoza
Cost : Under 2000 in principal; more if you start drinking lots of alcohol
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