seishinbyou (seishinbyou) wrote,

So...My certification is still valid, right?

I had learned recently that the organization behind my certification as an English/Japanese interpreter, JIPTA (日本通訳協会 , responsible for the 通訳技能検定試験), is no more:

Granted, according to the local employment agencies (government ones, too), the entire translation/interpretation field has been in the gutter since last summer, but I didn't see this coming. They do plan on coming back with a new certification system from the sounds of it, but maybe that was because the pass rate was so low?

(according to , the pass rate for 2-kyu was about 11% in the year I took it (and passed), and the pass rate for 1-kyu was a measly 1%)

Some people joke that I have a curse that brings down business just by me being there (and have unfortunately been proven right in more than a few cases), but I didn't think that extended to entire organizations like this.
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