seishinbyou (seishinbyou) wrote,

Rejections coming in as fast as i can apply :(

Well, it has been about one month since I have been unemployed.

So I had a phone call this morning from one place I applied blasting me. It seems that a rirekisho (Resume) and keirekisho (resume-like; more details on exactly what you did at which jobs and define your skillset more) are not enough. They also want a gyomurekisho (how you went about your daily tasks as well as how you and your division/team tackled the main projects).

I went to Hello Work in Shinjuku where they have a resume checking center in their office. I had the guy spend some time walking me through exactly what these company want to see on these three resumes, using the Japanese version of my own as a base (and my attempt at a keirekisho).

Although I think I have a grasp on just how to prepare it (actual content aside), I was unable to actually apply for any more jobs since it was a 6 hour wait in Shinjuku by noon. There are a *lot* of people out of work, can't find work, and the job market isn't getting any better. I'm banging away at my contact pushing for any job whatsoever, but so far nothing. Thanks to all of you that have been sending job info. my way. It is appreciated. I'm hoping one of these times I'll at least land an interview with them.

I strongly recommend everyone here in Japan to hold onto whatever job you have, no matter how crappy it is or how low the pay. The unemployed life is not a happy time at all right now.
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