seishinbyou (seishinbyou) wrote,

Crazy slowly going am I 6 5 4 3 2 1 switch...

...I am slowly going crazy 1 2 3 4 5 6 switch...

Well, job search still isn't going well. The IT industry is in the crapper right now, Translation/Interpretation has been that way since last summer, and the English teaching industry is having a mass-wide freeze on hiring. short, all of the areas in which I might be qualified to do a job are dead right now. I hesitate to mention Project Management and Management skills in general, just because the few positions I have seen are also extremely low-pay high-overtime high-stress jobs; something I wouldn't last at very long. I may have to take something like that if it gets bad enough, though...mind you, I was rejected in the retail and fast food sectors already, so my confidence is completely shot.

On a more positive note, I tried to touch up a silly youtube video working in the photo of one of my forum users "Zetorux". The original was memorable because it was a bizarre pose reacting to an odd result in a dancing game (In The Groove). I put it into an existing parody video of Star Trek : The Next Generation (don't worry, this didn't take too much time; I just needed something the keep my hands busy in between the rounds of job rejections)

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