seishinbyou (seishinbyou) wrote,

Job Interview 2 : The Quickening

(Note that with the cold rainy weather on Monday, the humidity and heat of Tuesday, and the wet coldness of today, I have a bit of cold)

So I had my 2nd interview yesterday...erm, yeah. I was given a psychological test since apparantely I must be crazy for applying there and rewriting my resume in three different formats for them on a moment's notice. 170 questions later the president came out and made small-talk with me. It didn't finish so well since he focusses on the fact my certification is not IT related, but language related (other than my degree in CS), and dismissed me after that.

Not looking too good, but it would be nice to get it, just because the office is so close to home and the offered salary was actually pretty good (The job was for a Perl programming position).

I'm trying not to get too depressed over this, but it is getting really frustrating.

And in other news, I'm not sure who this is (will have to check the eAmuse network) and this was done a little while ago, but this is one of the sickest DDR accomplishments on a single song I have seen in a long while (Faxx Heavy Full Perfect Combo)
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