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Little things

Job Hunt

I have had interviews with 4 companies over the last 2 weeks, with one yesterday and the 2nd interview with one of the others today.  Looks good so far, but the interview process takes a while with some companies wanting 3 (or possibly more).

Domain Problem

Somethink funky is happening with the domain  Using works for now until the kinks are out (problem with the dns servers at faereal it looks like).  Of course, that means all the images I hotlink won't show here, so if you really want to see them, replace the bit with and you are good to go.  Don't ask me about when it will be fixed.  I have already contacted anyone that could help, so it is just a waiting game right now

Sister's Wedding

I was unable to attend this (Canada not being so close and all), but it sounds like everything went off without at hitch.

Big Baby

Yeah, my son is getting pretty big, and also a bigger voice.  Still sleeps at odd hours which means, of course, that I also sleep at odd hours

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