seishinbyou (seishinbyou) wrote,

Me staying in Japan is like New Coke...

...I'll be around forever.

(coming on 12 years ago since I first stepped foot here now)

Also, from the "Signs I am looking in the wrong job field" dept.:

So I was pointed to a "part time" English teaching gig for kids. Nothing too fancy I thought, some decent work possibly. I then did some math...

2700*23 = 62100 ... * 4 = 248400 or so a, most of the IT gigs I have been introduced to demand 2~3 times the hours and 2/3 the wage.

Yeah, nothing wrong with English teaching.

(though to be honest, raising my son is a full time job on its own so being unemployed right now still feels like working full time)
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