Me staying in Japan is like New Coke...

...I'll be around forever.

(coming on 12 years ago since I first stepped foot here now)

Also, from the "Signs I am looking in the wrong job field" dept.:

So I was pointed to a "part time" English teaching gig for kids. Nothing too fancy I thought, some decent work possibly. I then did some math...

2700*23 = 62100 ... * 4 = 248400 or so a, most of the IT gigs I have been introduced to demand 2~3 times the hours and 2/3 the wage.

Yeah, nothing wrong with English teaching.

(though to be honest, raising my son is a full time job on its own so being unemployed right now still feels like working full time)

Worth of a prize?

Does anyone know how much this would be worth (the CD and the steel plate). It was the IR prize for IIDX 4th mix for placing 1st on a ranking course (the CD itself and all the innards are fine. The plastic case holding the CD has a crack in the back but it didn't affect the inner card/contents):

(D4 Diverse System from "B" 4th style CD + steel plate, signed)

Come one, come all (Sat. Feb 27)

Shabu Shabu goodness with unnaturally large foreigner ratio this time. We will be having some combination of shabu-shabu/sukiyaki as per the request of a visitor from Hokkaido. Akudaikan is still fixing the date/place, but we do have a fallback location (the one in Akihabara we went to before) if all else fails...which is still really good with all you can eat/drink (alcohol included).

Oh, and smiling picture of my son:

Officially the worst/most insane/best interview ever

I had a sudden call to do an interview with a company subcontracted by a telecommunications firm. I didn't know anything about the place until I actually got to the closest station and was led there with a group of 3 others.

*Warning sign #1*

We get to a building that is operating like an assembly line where 5 other people in suits are led out and then we are led in, told that the previous 5 were candidates and "they were all terrible";

*Warning sign #2*

We were told that if we passed the first interview, the 2nd would be at 1AM (serious) that night, and the company would pay us back our taxi fare. If that interview went well, there would be a 3rd Friday at 7PM, and if that went well, we would start Monday at 6AM sharp.

Read on for the full interviewCollapse )

Shinnenkai with Akudaikan+friends on 23rd

(Details taken right from Akudaikan's Mixi in moon language)
Shabu-shabu or sukiyaki at this point. 8:15PM, 3000 yen covers all you can eat/drink. It is someplace walkable from Akihabara station I am told, but the link is there below if you want to check.


集合:1月23日(土) 20:15 秋葉原駅昭和通口集合
場所:大地の恵み 楽食家 秋葉原店(



Well well, looks like I have a hacker on my hands

Over the past day or so, someone has been getting in and deleting large quantities of files on my site. I have backups of everything, so nothing is ever permanently lost, and I have mailed my host yesterday asking to change accounts/passwords, etc. but it is really annoying.

I have asked my host to investigate the origin of the other connections to the site, but is this a crime, as in, can I press charges over this?