More info on the end-of-year party from Akudaikan

Warning: crazy moon language ahead. Anyone that would be able to come should be able to read it anyways. I also have pics from the Outback Steakhouse visit, info. from the DDRX2 test location (It is still in Ahikabara Leisure Land 2 until the 3rd if anyone wants to try it), and some pics of my megaminx, but that will be in a separate post if I can find my USB cable.



I'm still alive (also, next Japan meetup with Akudaikan info.)

First up, my son is getting bigger/can grab things:

Next, the end-of-year party. Akudaikan is planning for either Dec. 5th (Sat) or Dec. 18th (Fri). Both days would be later on since Chako doesn't get off work until 9PM, so we would start around 7:30/8PM I hope to have the restaurant info. soon (if it isn't already on mixi) If anyone is available and wants to go to either of these days (or can go to either of these days), drop me or Akudaikan a line.

Chillin with the Mayor of Wako City

...because it can be useful to have friends in high places should I ever get in a real bind.

(It was a meeting about issues concerning foreigners living in Wako, what the city can do to make their lives better, etc. I pushed Mr. Matsumoto to extend child inoculations and medical costs up to Elementary school and he seemed to agree with it (fingers crossed))

Full and Odd Day

Well, after moving some servers and a *really* heavy NetApp to a client's data center (don't they usually pay big $$$ for another company to do that, and not have the employees break their backs?), I squeezed in a couple rounds of DDR to pick up my spirits, found a neat "Tower Cube" which is a 2x2x3. I still like my 7x7x7 the best, though. Afterwards, I took care of Takeshi all day while my wife rested.

Tomorrow is a meeting with the Mayor of Wako city. More to come on that. I'd better charge up my camera.

AJAX anyone?

Since I started my new job, I have had a few programming tasks given to me. Some of them are simple PHP routines I have done a million times before, but some of it involved AJAX, and I have never really worked with it, but like most places I have worked, this has to be ready yesterday.

Anyone know any places or sample scripts that will let me do something like dynamically manage a small table ot records (including adding/deleting records) without requiring browser navigation to other pages for each record addition/deletion or sort?

Job progress and other tasks


I have a solid offer now. I have until tomorrow to decide on it, but it is nice that I have something, and with work I have done before.


My moderators and I have just doing a bunch of bans. I'm really tired of the trolls crapping up what I put effort and time into over the years.

3 months of unemployment

I'm in a pretty miffed mood after being rejected for another position after the 2nd interview. It's getting really desperate now, so if I can't find anything soon (this is my last month to receive unemployment), I may have to take drastic measures.

...maybe I should have offered to be the slave in that position that paid 150k/month and 70~80 hours a week.

Interviews where they google everything about you

Well, I had a very pleasant interview today. I think the only thing that was a little bit awkward was the googling of me and my history (some things caused some problems like company names changing over the years since I worked there). Also, my domain wasn't working at the time, hence some questions on that. Yay, but it was a 2+ hour interview, so I'm very tired

But in related news, this was a huge motivator to add more photos to my own site and update the AAA page a bit (last time I updated that was 2007...ouch) or should get you there.